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About Us

We're RC Technologies, a Direct Air Capture, and Carbon Capture and Utilization company at the forefront of environmental innovation. Our primary focus is on the direct extraction of carbon dioxide (CO2) from both the atmosphere and specific point-source locations, such as coal-powered plants and industrial manufacturing facilities. We transform this captured CO2 into environmentally sound, high-value circular products, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Our cutting-edge, proprietary methodology allows us to remove a greater quantity of heat-trapping gases than ever before, paving the way for a more sustainable and habitable future.

You can actively participate in reducing your carbon footprint by clicking "Remove My Emissions" below, or by getting in touch with us. By doing so, we will not only eliminate your carbon emissions but also issue certified carbon credits and certificates for your documentation. These certificates will aid in compliance with regulatory bodies like the SEC and government agencies, as well as enable you to share your commitment with investors, friends, family, colleagues, and the broader community.

We are in partnership with Mother Nature, and we are deeply committed to redefining environmental responsibility for a more sustainable tomorrow.


The future is here, and the future is now.

NextGen Carbon Capture

Our technology interfaces with the atmosphere where it permanently

removes CO2. 

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